The PROMOTEE project proposes to investigate the use of a number of coal-derived liquids and rejects as precursors for the synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbons and carbon gels, including the exploration of innovative solutions to make the most of the multi-component nature of these liquids, as well as their potential use in energy- and environment-related applications. PROMOTEE has been conceived as a complex R&D project where European industrial stakeholders at or close to both ends of the value chain can reap the benefits associated to the development of these novel porous carbons from coal-derived liquids. Four different areas of research will be covered in the project:

  • Synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbons using creosotes and rejects as precursors
  • Synthesis of carbon gels using phenolic oils as precursors
  • Evaluation of the porous carbons as electrodes for supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries
  • Evaluation of the porous carbons as gas-phase (CO2) and liquid-phase (dyes) adsorbents