PROMOTEE partners will collaborate on a range of different tasks to contribute to the 9 work packages in which the project is structured:

WP1.   Coordination activities

WP2.   Preparation of coal tar-derived liquids to be used as precursors for the synthesis of porous carbons

WP3.   Preparation of ordered mesoporous carbons by hard-templating using creosotes and rejects as precursors

WP4.   Preparation of porous carbon gels using phenolic oils as precursors

WP5.   Characterization of coal tar-derived liquids and porous carbons

WP6.   Testing of the porous carbons as electrodes towards energy-related applications

WP7.   Testing of the porous carbons as adsorbents towards energy- and environment-related applications

WP8.   Feasibility of industrial applications

WP9.   Global evaluation, result assessment, preparation of final report and dissemination of the results

The starting coal tar-derived liquids will be prepared in WP2 and characterized in WP5 to serve as precursors for the synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbons in WP3 and porous carbon gels in WP4. Characterization of these porous carbons will be carried out in WP5 to inform their suitability for application as electrodes in supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries (WP6) as well as adsorbents in the gas phase for CO2 and in the liquid phase for bulky dyes (WP7). The most promising materials will be compared with the performance of commercial ones in order to determine their feasibility in industrial uses (WP8). Significant results from PROMOTEE will be disseminated through international peer-reviewed journals, conferences and workshops (WP9).